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    Titanfall 2 Release

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    Like its predecessor, the game is a first person shooter in which players can control the pilot and the exoskeleton "Titans", made in the style of "fur." The pilot has an Arsenal of abilities that allow you to make jumps and run along walls using the "hopping module pilot". These abilities can be used with each other to quickly move around game locations. Speed parkour much slower than in the previous game of the series, making the game more accessible to new players[source not specified 294 days]. The matches have been redesigned so that players now have plenty of time to study the map and its features.

    When the player gets enough points, you can call a Titan, desantiruetsya from the sky. They are much slower than pilots, but they have more powerful weapons and more survivable. Was introduced six new types of Titans.

    Has undergone a significant change in the customization of the Titans. Now every "type" of titanium has assigned to him weapons and abilities which can not be changed by the player as it was in the first part, however, it is possible to slightly change their principle of action: for example, to add bullets ricochet, or during ejection to detonate a nuclear weapon.

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