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    Mortal Kombat X

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    Mortal Kombat X, has the most elaborate and complex mechanics in the series. If you compare with the previous part, were introduced the following changes:
    1. Enter system variations for each character, three on each, Triberga 4 (something similar was in MKDA, but worked completely differently), it allows you to choose a character and a variation to suit your style of play.
    2. Returned the scale for endurance running, which was in MK3 and MK4, now it has become a more important element of gameplay as it is spent on such activities as bakdash, interaction with objects in the arena, the breaker and block breaker, running, on the abolition of some special. techniques.
    3. Returned to interactions with objects in the arena, let me remind you that the fourth part was on certain cards to throw at the enemy stone or skull.
    4. Armory wacap now requires meter, which requires a slightly more thoughtful game.
    5. Back in the game of brutality and added a stage of brutality (unique to the arena), significantly reworking the concept, making them more spectacular, the brutality complexity varies from relatively simple to quite complex in execution with a number of conditions.
    6. Sorry, removed the famous tower of trials, and instead have introduced a living tower, the changing times a week, day and hour, allowing you to try out some DLC characters before buying.
    7. With regard to the MKXL, improved netcode used GGPO, reduced input lag and other things improve the online game.
    8. Simply divine crypts, which is a separate game mode with puzzles.

    Now consider the story of the mod, it became shorter because HIC is a retelling of MK4 with some modifications in the story is adjusted for the alternate universe, it is worth noting that very blend of QTE moments, which even a little.

    Of the major drawbacks perhaps I should note that to make all the variation. it is impossible, most of the applicable characters, sometimes only one, sometimes two.

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